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Welcome: Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, ATX Hackerspace had to implement protocols to help ensure the safety of the community and adhere to local and state mandates. As a result, the Join process is done almost completely virtual.

If you are an old member who is has been active in 2020 there is an expedited rejoin procedure. If you haven't been active in 2020 you will have have to follow the below steps to rejoin. ALL new or rejoining members will need to sign the updated WAIVER


1.Register for Discourse. Go to and create a Discourse account by clicking “Sign Up.” Discourse is an online forum that we use for communicating within the ATXHS community.

2.Join the Members2B group. After registering for Discourse, join the Members2B group, a group specifically for prospective members. To join Members2B, click the 3 bars in the top right hand corner of the screen, then click on “Groups” - you’ll see Members2B as a group - request to join! Feel free to introduce yourself to the community in the New Members Start Here!!! Member Introductions category (totally optional), and look around at recent posts, etc.

3.Read about ATXHS and COVID. Reopening the shop space and ensuring safety is a continual work in progress - unfortunately we can’t offer immediate access to prospective members in the same way we could pre-COVID. Please check out our latest policies and procedures at REOPENING PLAN for more information on being in the shop, sanitizing, etc. There is a lot to cover in the document - please give it a good read and reach out with any questions.

4.Attend a virtual orientation session. We require all new members to attend a Zoom orientation. These are typically held on a Tuesday night at 7 PM. Exact schedule is sent out to the Members2B group on Discourse in advance. Be sure to check the group messages for more info. Orientation is an important time where we review community and shop guidelines with prospective members.

5.Sign the ATXHS Member Agreement & Waiver. All prospective members must electronically sign this agreement and waiver before becoming a full member: WAIVER

6.Let us know when you’ve completed everything! Send an email to when you’ve completed steps #1-5. We’ll set you up in Neon, our member portal and billing system. Membership dues are $75/month, payable by credit card or ACH transfer. When you are a full member, we’ll add you to the “hax0r” group on Discourse - this is our group for full ATXHS members.

We don’t have contracts. If you’d ever like to cancel your membership, just email by the 25th of the month and we’ll stop the automatic billing and cancel your membership.