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This is a Foo. It is a demonstration item, and the first item in our inventory list. It exists mostly for us to get our act together and make a template.

Links and Information

Foo is a product of the Snafu corporation. You can find the manuals at:

  1. Foo should not be stored near sunlight, or fed between the hours of 42 minutes past Midnight, and 4:20 in the morning.
  2. Do not taunt Foo.
  3. Foo should not be taken on an empty stomach.
  4. Accept Foo into your life.


We only have one Foo. Please don't take it from the space, it will get lonely.


  • Foo is generally kept under the kitchen sink, locked up, because like a grue it is nasty and likes dark places.

How to make your own Inventory Item

Create a new wiki page - i.e.)

You need to use the following code at the top of the page, the first time:


Now save the page, and the template information from the InventoryItem template will be copied to your new page which you can now edit.