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Proposed structure Draft v0.3

Interest groups both internal and external bring common pursuits together
Within the hackerspace, they promote and organize a trade, craft, art, science, or event
Many groups claim an allocated area of the space and take responsibility for the organization thereof.

For new members and non-members, Interest Groups are a good way to find friends and peers.
For all members they are a great way to stake out space and build support

All groups should have:

  • An active Lead (ATXHS member rep & organizer, reports monthly to Ops)
  • A mailing list or forum (For discussion/contact)
  • Meeting times (at least one a month)
  • A wiki or landing page providing IG information (maintained by the lead)

Examples include: DiY bio, LUG, Electronics, Woodworking, Software, Crafts Fair
See the: Interest Group Template for more

Interest groups may be allocated resources such as:

  • Recurring or long-term use of space
  • Recurring or one-time budgets
  • Hosted Tools and Hackerspace property

For information regarding allocation of resources, see our IG delegation policy

Unlike Committees, which are organized by the directorship in order to serve the membership as a whole and execute delegated duties, Interest Groups (AKA Special Interest Groups) are organized by members in order to coordinate and serve their own needs.