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What & How

Let's help each other achieve satisfactory employment

Please look at each other's Linkedin, bios, whatever, improve on ideas on how to run this project

Everyone is invited to pitch in, suggest procedures for this to work, etc. You may want to email directly, or comment publicly if the person so allows it - public comments could be more useful, YMMV.

to be implemented: corkboard @ 'Space

Projects looking for someone to do them

Bill Tylers'

I have had a need to get some stuff done like drawings or prototypes and would be willing to pay for someones time, but unfortunately cannot hire someone.

Joe Clines's

I would kill for a leg made for my MS ergonomic keyboard. It works fine, but I can't find anywhere where I can buy a replacement. I'll add it to the list once it's up. :)

People looking for projects or regular work

sign up here, add a bit of background. This is a wiki - people can/should help edit. Maybe they see qualities in you you do not know, etc.

Yama Ploskonka

please feel free to comment - a bit dangerous maybe :-) but can be an example on how we can collaborate


  • maker, can build pretty much anything that needs building: prototypes, models,
  • concept integrator can grab your one liner and turn it into a full academic paper, in pretty much any subject


  • does not have many years of professional experience in many maker fields, even though frequently better able to do things than most
  • victim of teacher burnout - he has 3 degrees as a teacher, but needs to move on


resume media:McGiverReturns.pdf

Linkedin [[1]]

ATX HS userpage User:Yamaplos (not much there except uploaded stuff)










'm starting to have enough of being unemployed, and even I have to admit it's not so easy to be back in the land of the people with real schedules. I really do not mind the idea of my own company, but even that is showing up to be a bit complicated.

And it would seem I share some of these issues with others.

See, us hackers are often way better at making stuff, learning stuff, saving the world, than in selling. And selling is the one thing you need to do when trying to get a job, by selling your skills.


me thinks we might be able to help each other. At the very least, look at, suggest how to improve and remove the worst from each other's resumes, and serve as a sort of "support group", share contacts, networking...

I see this as a sort of a natural extension to the Hackerspace community concept.

I mean, there /must/ be jobs out there, good jobs, for the likes of us!