How To Become a B-Share Member

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Becoming a B-Share member means you have voting rights on matters outlined in our ByLaws. This includes voting for board positions, proposals set to the membership, running for a board position, and more. To be eligible to apply, you must be a member in good standing (financially and interpersonally within the community) for 60 days.

A few simple items are needed to become a B-Share:

  1. Write a brief statement to the HR team ( describing 5 or more hours of contributions to the community.
  2. Fill out and sign this joinder agreement electronically on Smartwaiver.
  3. Log in to your member portal in Neon and purchase the $100 refundable B-share item in the store tab. You may request a refund for this by emailing at any time when you decide you no longer wish to be a B-Share member.
  • Please note refunds can take up to 90 days and are typically delivered by check in the mail. In general, they are processed much more quickly than that.