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Tiko 3D Printer

Tiko Printer.jpg

Tiko Printing.jpg

2017-11-29 Since it was sitting in the back office unloved and unused, I decided to see if I could fix the firmware on the little Tiko 3D printer. it wasn't able to flash the open-source firmware on to it, but I was able to put firmware 2.1 and it's printing. It is a bit of a toy 3D printer, but it's nice to see it working. - Martin Bogomolni

2017-03-31 Couldn't get it to create hotspot. Seems to be caught in some sort of startup loop. Used the recovery instructions. The Tiko connected to my hotspot and acted like it was updating for about 20 mins but never updated. The most-recent update to Tiko Kickstarter Page says that "By early January, we had no choice but to lay off our team and wind down operations." This printer was plagued with lots of hardware and software problems *when the company was still in business*. I don't recommend that the Hackerspace put any more effort into making it work. I also don't see any reason to continue hosting it. - Jonathan Taylor (elderling at gmail dot com).

This tool is owned and hosted by Bill Tyler. He obtained it through the kickstarter campaign.

Bill used it a few times and got good results; he said he remembers getting one bad printer and setting it aside, and not getting back to it due to other projects.

The next steps for this are to test-print and configure it, and then set up this page with instructions.

Read the web page for more details, but basically you turn it on, connect to the wifi access point it creates and configure it via a web browser, and then afterwards print and control it through the web.