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Bill Tyler's Ultimaker

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Ultimaker 3D printer, owned by Bill Tyler and hosted by him.

Uses 3mm PLA. It does not have a heated bed so you should not use ABS ( any ABS part of reasonable size will warp).

The filament that is there can be used freely, as long as it is not labeled otherwise. Only use 3mm filament. You may bring your own, and you may have to when the donated and excess filament runs out.

More details will be added, but for now the basics of how to use it are:

1) You need a .stl file, or another of the formats that Cura can import.

2) Turn on the printer via the switch on the power strip it is plugged into, and also the switch on the side. Lights may come on from the USB power even though the switch on the side is off, so make sure the side switch is on -- you can hear the fan run when it is on.

3) If you connect a computer via the USB port, you can move the head and level the bed using the Pronterface software. Most of the time you do not need to adjust anything. You may need to use Pronterface to lift the head from your part (if you pause it) or the bed -- Cura doesn't have a way to simply move the head. If you are using the Windows computer right next to the 3D printers, start pronterface by searching for "Pronterface" on the windows start menu and clicking on it. The com port for this printer should be COM13, select that and the highest baud rate and click "Connect".

4) You can change the filament if needed by removing it from the extruder driver at the back of the machine. Start pronterface, connect, heat the head, and retract filament to make it separate from the hot end. Then there is a little lever / cam thing you can operated on the gear device on the back that will allow you to open the extruder and pull out the old filament and insert the new. Most of the time you should not have to do this.

5) The bed should be covered with blue masking tape. If the tape there is torn, pull it all off and replace it with tape from the drawer in the small white desk behind you.

6) Disconnect Pronterface if you started it.

7) Start Cura from the Windows Start menu. Go to "Machine" and make sure COM13 is selected. ( Cura on the 3D printer Windows machine needs a

8) Load an STL file with the File -> Load Model File command.

9) Check the settings -- the defaults are a reasonable start, but you may have to adjust them for some prints.

10) File -> Print . The job may be left unattended, please leave a note with how to contact you however, in case someone wants to remove your finished part to use the printer before you return.

11) Turn off everything and clean up when you are done. If the tape tears when removing your part try to re-tape the bed using blue masking tape. If you have problems and think the printer is not working, post on the mailing list.

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1 item - note this is not the other Ultimaker that Matt built (not working yet).


By the front door.