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Ham Radio License Class

Several people have expressed an interest in getting an amateur radio license.

Tests are given here in Austin on the first and third Saturdays of the month. The Technician exam consists of a 35 question multiple-choice test that covers basic electronics, radio fundamentals, station setup, operating practices, safety, and FCC regulations. Morse code is no longer required for any class of amateur license.

Online study materials: (feel free to add anything you find useful)

  1. Android study app (free!)
  2. KB6NU Tech and General (and now Extra!) study guides
  3. Cram sheets and other materials from Microhams
  4. Exam question pools

Practice exams:

  1. practice exam #1
  2. practice exam #2 (login)
  3. practice exam #3
  4. practice exam #4 (login, iphone friendly, drills you on weak areas)
  5. Android Practice Exam App (Has an option to only give you questions you haven't answered correctly yet!)
  6. free practice exam from the ARRL

Local exam info

  1. http://www.austinhams.org/hamtests.htm

Local classes are listed here

  1. http://www.austinhams.org/hamclasses.htm