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The Future of the Space Committee (FOTSC) is convened to synthesize disparate opinions into plans for the next tomorrow.

  • Its primary goal is to develop a unified understanding of the direction and purpose of this organization.
  • Its secondary goal is to discuss and propose specific plans that will achieve those purposes.

In other words, What is the future of the hackerspace?" and "How is it going to work?"

Be excellent, but make your difference known.

What it is:

A place for open discussion about long-term and large-scale goals.
An opportunity to brainstorm and share serious concerns.

What it is not:

A decision maker. It makes proposals to the board which members ultimately validate
A place for small gripes and day-to-day concerns. We have bigger fish to fry

- If you have something important to say about the future, please say it here.

Research Items

Action Items

  • Finalize comparison of organization structures: structures table
  • Present findings and recommendation to the board on December 20th
  • Small concrete suggestions regarding space usage and class initiatives



(Rules of Order pending) - Rules and traditions to keep your meeting moving.

Order of Operations - subject to revision before a meeting, and limited adaption during one