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Clear Wireless Internet

We have a Clear wireless internet router, with a business data plan. Lately, we have been throttled (0.25mbit) from the usual high speed connection we have enjoyed. I'm posting our prior internet usage graphs from Clear to show what our data usage trends have been.

Because we have a Business internet plan, we are allocated a Static IP: This is a feature that is part of having a Business internet plan.

I think something interesting has happened since our November bill. Clear has changed our plan, without our consent, or signing any contract .. from a business to a home plan. We did not request this, and our December bill clearly states that we were charged for a BUSINESS internet plan : WiMax Pro Office V2.

From our bill:

Clear bill.png

From the website:

Clear website.png

Usage Graphs

Dec monthly.png

Dec daily.png

Nov monthly.png

Nov daily.png

Oct monthly.png

Oct daily.png