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  • Out of date info, see Max


Assist Director of Education with creating and maintaining the policy governing the giving and taking of classes at the ATX Hackerspace. Provide support in the following:

Recruiting Instructors
Develop new courses
Develop workshops
Community Outreach
open to suggestions (email


Director of Education TEAM CLASS Board Guidance
Chad Franke Jessica Ross Marshall Vaughan
Zimmer Barnes
Evelyn Nelson'*

'* Interim Director of Education (Dec 4th 2012 to Jan 15th 2013)

Class Committee welcomes volunteers, Sign up and make a difference.


Provide courses that are unique to ATX Hackerspace which can translate to new skills for members and patrons to explore.

Current Class Documents

The following documents are used to organize prospective instructors and class materials. If you wish to have any of these documents shared with you please contact the Interim Director of Education.
New member training - required before you can obtain your key fob 
New Member Orientation "Hacktivation"
Organizational documents 
ATX Hackerspace Classes spreadsheet
ATX Hackerspace Class-teaching volunteers
ATX Certification Matrix (In work)
Trial Run Class Survey
Class Interest Survey

The current certified instructors

  • Martin Bogomolni
  • Matt Mancuso
  • Phillip Wheat
  • Evelyn Nelson
  • Danny Miller
  • Eric Jacobs
  • Michele Elbert
  • Austin Blackstone
  • Mert Eastman