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The Arduino 101 course is a two day class that teaches how to use the Arduino hardware and programming environment.

  • Day 1 : 4 hours : Getting familiar with Arduino software, programming concepts, digital input/output, analog input/output, serial port
  • Day 2 : 4 hours : Basic Arduino Projects LED control, read a button, read a potentiometer, control a servo, control a motor

Class Sign-Up List

There are 10 available spots in the class. Add your name to this section to sign up for the class. Please be absolutely sure you can show up for the class!

  • Student 1
  • Student 2
  • Student 3
  • Student 4

etc.. etc..


  • You will need to bring a computer that is running Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux, or Mac OSX (laptop preferred) w/ USB port
  • Please bring a USB keydrive to save your work on. Course reading materials are in digital (PDF) format.
  • I will have some servos, USB→serial converters (FTDI cables), and other hardware to share and learn on for the class

Lab Materials Included

  • Arduino Bares Bones Board ( )
  • Electronic copy of the Earthshine Design Arduino Tutorial
  • Micro breadboard, some resistors, some LEDs, two button switches, two potentiometers, two motors, one servo, battery box, and a battery