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Note: this is a quick reference intended to coincide with Operating Agreement definitions and posted Policy. It ain't perfect.

Simple majority Greater than half (50%) of ballots cast (yes or no)

Absolute majority Greater than half (50%) of the Electorate

Quorum The proportion of the Electorate (30%) required to 'be present' (yes/no/abstain) in order to validate any vote

Electorate All Members eligible to vote (whether able/active/present or not). Specifically: all B-share Members

Ballots - note: all ballots submitted permit a voter to be considered 'present' for purposes of a vote
Hand Ballot A public vote at a meeting. AKA 'show of hands'
Secret Ballot A privately submitted ballot that does not reveal the disposition of voters.
Remote Ballot A certified ballot that records extra-meetingplace votes by a verified medium.

Member A B member interest holder in good standing w/ signed Joinder

Patron A dues-paying hackerspace user, bearing all member rights except political participation (voting, holding office)

Proposal A project, policy, or action that is brought forward to establish membership permission to enact that specific change

Discussion item Formally - meeting time reserved for conversation about an important topic that is not directly actionable


Spending Money

Per our Operating Agreement, specific restrictions exist to spending group funds.
$50 or less can be spent as petty cash immediately by any Director - with notice to the rest of the board
$500 or less can be spent by the board (via board majority), as part of single or series of purchases.
If a purchase exceeds $500 in expense - whether over a series of related purchases or a single expenditure it must be approved by the membership per our
Resources may be pre-allocated to a 'fund' with restricted terms of expenditure

Making Decisions

Committees exist to operate within a given scope, making decisions within that scope.
If a Committee receives a budget, it may operate within that budget. It cannot spend general funds.
If a committee receives a mandate or delegation, it may act on those permissions autonomously with board oversight
A committee is expected to have a chairman responsive to inquiries and reporting to the Director of Operations
If an action of the committee requires funds or affects the membership at large, the committee must bring a Proposal to the membership.
More can be said about our committees Here

The Board of Directors acts as a rapid decision maker, and handles much the day-to-day work.
The board will frequently delegate its duties; appointing Committees or Members to complete tasks
Ultimately the board is responsible to the membership for the completion of duties
It is the responsibility of the directors to ensure their duties are done, not to do them themselves
More can be said about our board Here

Major decisions should be brought to the general membership via Proposal