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Problem: The Hackerspace is not perceived as friendly and welcoming Issues Raised:

  • Member meetings are often contentious and offputting to strangers showing up for Open House.
  • Tours are ad-hoc and unscripted, leading to a varying quality experience.
  • The reception area is messy and uninviting.
  • New member onboarding experience is lacking.
  • ...

Suggested Actions to Take:

  • Better overall organization.
  • Reception area overhaul.
  • Try and enlist outspoken opponents to provide feedback on efforts.
  • More frequent updates to public list & facebook pages showing projects and activities that are happening.
  • Write a tour script so that any member can do them and provide a reliable experience.
  • Find one or more members or outside assistance for public outreach.
  • Private feedback to members when they are "un-excellent"
  • Find champions to solicit projects for "show and tell" during open house.
  • ...