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In order to get the best discount pricing, ATX Hackerspace has relationships with many different companies. To save on shipping, or to save making many trips, we try to group together orders. This wiki page collects the current group orders available. Just hit a link, and edit the page to add your request for the next order run.

66Lite Software Defined Radio Front-end

If we order 10 or more, we get them for $12 each, rather than the usual $18 each. See http://zao.jp/radio/66lite/


To get bulk discounts at Adafruit Industries, we need to collect $250 worth of orders.

Austin Fine Lumber

There are no particular discounts for Austin Fine Lumber, but it's a local company with really high quality wood products. We like using them for the Laser Cutter, and to keep good wood on stock. If you have a particular need, please add it to the order page and we'll pick it up on the weekly run.

Other bulk discount opportunities

We can try to arrange bulk discounts from the following popular materials providers for ATX members and participants:

Talk to Martin to arrange these.