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What's the Build-Out?

The lease for 1601 Rutherford Ln, Suite A200 was signed and moving in commenced in the second week of September 2010.

There are still a lot of items that we need! Look at the list below, and see if you're willing to be responsible for the search for a given item/items. More than one person can search for an item!

Mezzanine Fitting

Not Complete

To Do:

  • Finish Baseboard
  • Hang Whiteboards - Partial Done
  • Folding Desks:
    • Sand Trim next to fixed desk
    • Fix dings in top surface
      • Shim pins to fit holes better or machine a new pin
  • Network drop/Network Switch
  • Complete socket wiring
  • Purchase/Mount Power strips
  • Flat Material Storage
  • Electronics Workspace
    • Light under riser
    • Cheap Lab Power Supply
    • Situation Test Equipment
  • Mount Peg Boards
  • Projector
    • Wire VGA/DVI Cable (possibly need amplifier)
    • Hang Projector
    • Hang Screen


RSVP for the build out by emailing the organizer to become a Google calendar guest

If you sign up for a build-out day, please show up. We rely on you being there. If you can't make it, take yourself off the RSVP list and contact the build-out host.

Equipment Donations List

What do we need?

Tools: See also the TAC list at TAC.

Stuff We Need
Item Quantity Person
Couch 1
Folding Chairs 30 ?15? Many in space, but we need more...
Conference Table 1
CPI open rail server rack 1 MattyG
Bean Bags 2 Martin
Task Lights 4
Work Lights 4
Commercial Fridge 1 Martin
Chest Freezer 1
Vending Machine (sodas) 1
Vending Machine (snack) 1
VOIP Telephones (front and shop) 3
6 Drawer Large Storage Cabinet 1 Evan M.
Tea press 1

Possible Donations

Equipment that you are willing to donate but is not on the “What do we need?” list:

Volunteered Assets
Item Quantity Person
Desktop PC w/ Win XP 1 Matt
72” x 30” folding table 1 Jason Lambert
Ryobi 6” Bench Grinder 1 Jason Lambert
All-in-One Printer 1 Mandie Kramer