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These proposals drafted at special meeting of the membership

For consideration of both items:

  • ~2,153 sq ft of open space now used as storage to be subdivided
  • ~$20,000 available C1, $12,000 Tenant Improvement (some matching expected)
  • Deadline of September 30th on TI funds from landlord as sign of contract date

AC systems

Proposed Air Conditioning fund

Permission to spend up to $12,000 - all expenses included from TI and C1 funding
for 5-ton AC unit installation in suite 306
Contingent on a round of ‘best bids’ to achieve lowest expenses.
Bidding deadline of Friday September 6th
Process to be negotiated by Director of Admin w/ assistance of HR and Facilities

[Aircraft A/C Bid ]

Plan J alt for Suite 306

Proposed Buildout

construction per drafted image below, detailed as follows

  • cost: $12,500 as-bid
  • Includes: doors, walls, drop-ceiling grid, ceiling tile, kick plates
  • Not Included: paint on walls, flooring, electrical, AC (note: we are permitted to do electrical)
  • Not permitted: DIY buildout of walls, ceiling tile, or grid (we asked)

Funds are to be drawn from TI (if possible) and C1 invesment shares.
This phase does does not mandate room use

[General Contractor Bid]


Plan alt J Phase 1 proposal

Summary/more info

If both actions are approved, ~$20,000-$22,500 will be drawn from $12,000 TI fund provided by landlord and ~$10,000+ in C1 investments
For monetary context, see budget page
For buildout comparison, see Floorplan roundup