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We NEED better lighting in #303. This is affecting our curb appeal, which is costing us $ in some way. And the ability to get stuff done. The bandsaw area has like NO light, and it's... embarrassing.

They're called "High Bay" lights (for our high bay), use 4ft T5 HO tubes, and are both CRAZY powerful and efficient, with electronic ballasts:

6 tube version $139:

There is also a 4-tube version $90:

Home Depot does not offer quantity discounts on these items.

The 6-tube version has dual ballasts. One controls 4 tubes, the other 2. Note this allows 2, 4, or 6 tubes to be selected, with the right switch type. I'm divided. 6-tube is basically the same price per tube, with the nifty selector function, and more intensity. The selector only works if you have additional wiring. It may also be better evenness of coverage to have say SIX 4-tube units instead of 4x 6-tube units.

They do not come with tubes. T5 HO tubes seem to be $5.30:

I have seen this fixture before in high-ceiling workshop- caught my eye and I was wondering what it was because it worked SO well.

The 4ft T5 HO at Home Depot is 54W with a 5000 lumen output (93 lumens/W, some others are >96%)), and this MIRRORED fixture is very efficient at reflecting the lumens back down. Or, you could go for the F28T5, only 2900 lumens but efficiency goes to 103 lumens/W.

For reference an ordinary 4ft T8 tube is 2750 lumens and 81 lumens/W. While LEDs CAN produce 100-120 lumens/W, reality is most products on the market are ~60 lumens/W. Those huge big fat T12 tubes (like in #306's ceiling) are as craptacular as 38 lumens/watt in the 8ft 215W "Very High Output" version.

In a regular white fixture, half the generated light must reflect off the white backing, which may be 90% reflective. The mirrored stuff is 95% reflective, better reflector geometry, plus the T5 tubes are so NARROW they don't block the return path of reflected light like the T8 stuff does. The clear lensatic acrylic diffusers block about 5% of the output. These don't usually use them, but you can get 'em if you want.

All told, this is probably 50% more light per watt than T8's.

But wait... hmm... another find, "Sun and Stars Lighting HB-6/T5":

$89 for a 6-tube! ~$11/shipping, but NO sales tax! Oh hey they'll also sell a 25x-case of T5HO WITH shipping for $3.15/tube- also, that's a a 100 lumen/watt high efficiency tube! Also they have $72.22 for a 4-tube T5HO!

Shipping looks like a flat ~$11/unit. So aside from having to get a 25x-case of T5HO at once, you could buy 1 or 2 to try out and go from there.

Does look like a fixture with a single ballast- all-on, or all-off. But I cannot find ANY reviews of these guys- good or bad. They look like a totally new mfg. I think 1000Bulbs is their official vendor.

We need 'em. ASAP. Will do more research Monday.

.... next email transcribed:

Lack of sufficient shop lighting in #303 (The Big Room) is hindering our capacity to work, and probably hindering recruitment here. Recruitment is critical and this is hurting the curb appeal, it is bordering on embarrassing. We can fix this quickly, if the budget is able.

The max budget for this project bottomlines to $682 after tax, if it comes down to using Home Depot's stuff. If the Internet's S&SL product looks good, I will do that and that'll get 4x 6-tube fixtures for $479 (no tax!). I will absolutely take the cheaper option if it's viable but it'd be best to have the budget Home Depot offering approved in case I run into info contraindicating going with S&SL. That deal is almost "too good to be true". As a bare-bones project, we can buy the 25x case of tubes (enough for 4x fixtures) and 2x S&SL 6-tube for $257.

The High Bay T5HO fixtures have VERY high output, top-notch efficiency, at a VERY good price. I am not infatuated, but impressed. Long story short, it HAS to be the T5HO High Bays, they're just hands-down more efficient and cost-effective bottom line. They'll beat out LEDs. About 50% more light per watt than the sort of tubes we have now, and the 6-tube fixture puts out the light of ~7 of those super-cheap 2-tube fixtures we have now.

Research says I'd like to start with either 4x 6-tube units or 6x 4-tube units, cost is basically the same. Case of 25x tubes from 1000Bulbs is $79, WITH shipping. It is not as cost-effective to buy these locally ($6-$10/tube).

There's 3 options, the Home Depot Lithonia 6-tube $139+tax (this one can be turned on in 3 modes: 2/4/6 tubes) or their 4-tube single-mode for $89+tax. Or 1000Bulb's Sun and Stars Lighting (S&SL) 6-tube single-mode for $89.10 + $11 shipping. S&SL has a 4-tube but the cost is almost the same. If you DID want to consider Lithonia's 4-tube, well the online S&SL 6-tube is the same price anyways: the Lithonia 4-tube ONLY gets on the table if some dire revelation says the S&SL 6-tube isn't gonna happen.

It's possible to start with 2x 6-tubes or 4x 4-tube and a 25x tube pack (more than needed, but it costs twice as much to get them at Home Depot in 10-packs).

Realistically after a few hours of research I expect the final answer will be 4x 6-tube S&SL and 25x tubes from 1000Bulbs, for about $479. However, the $682 figure may come into play if research comes up with problems with S&SL's product.

These fixtures would supplement the existing lighting, those fixtures are still gonna be there. This does not preclude adding more fixtures later, they can move, they can move if we demo #304's front stuff too. We may want to up to 6x 6-tube later, but later.

4x 6-tube 54W/tube units are 1296W. If used in addition to all current loads, this will add $16.35 per month in summer Peak Demand Charges ($1 less in winter) and 8.6 cents per hour in KWH usage. Say 16 hrs/day, this is $57.63/month for Peak and KWH charges, but in reality we will probably either turn off existing lights or maybe turn them off for spot lighting if no one's using the shop. Gonna guesstimate $40/mo extra.