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This is a discussion item and not a proposal or adopted policy. Feel free to edit.

You have a concern or something that needs doing?

Getting things Started

There are several basic options in order of least to greatest complexity:

  1. Contact someone responsible
  2. Blast it out to the Members list
  3. Submit it as a Discussion or Proposal via the Agenda process

Sharing your idea with a Lead/Chairperson/Director is the easiest way to get started; people tasked with a specific role know the territory
- they might even take on the task for you. At the very least they have background and can point you in the right direction.

Putting it out on the Member List is a great way to get a lot of feedback and refine your idea quickly and thoroughly. It can also get rough.
- Be ready for lively discussion or disagreement and don't take either personally. We are in this together but our members are passionate.

Finally, you could simply take charge and Lead the Discussion or Proposal in a formal manner - this makes sense if you think it is Important™
- The Agenda Process may take a while, but if it's a major decision you need a solid Proposal.

Finding the Right Contact

Check out Our Committees for chair contact info

Look for a Director on the Board who can help

Inquire on the Mailing Lists "who do I contact about ____"?

Escalating Decisions

  1. If there is a related Committee, bring it to the committee chair
  2. If there is no Committee or they do not respond well, bring it to a related Director
  3. If the Director does not respond well, appeal to the Ombudsman or Board in general
  4. If this process fails, the Board is accountable to the membership

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