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(This is not yet an official process adopted by the membership. This proposed policy has been placed here for refinement as of 1/11/13.)

Sponsor(s) Marshall Peck

Discussions on this topic can be found in emails titled: Closure Process for Final Wording of Agenda Items and in the Google Group Discussion Thread

Refinement V1 (Current Version)

Summary:After meeting with some members of the ad-hoc design committee and receiving input, I am proposing we contract a known, local, digital artist to help us with our visual curb appeal on fliers, posters in general anything requiring a touch of artistic wizardry. Here are the main points:

  • Eric has visited the new space and he's interested in helping us and becoming a member.
  • The proposal is to offer Eric $15/hr if we could budget $300 to help us with our posters and marketing. HackerSpace would pay $100 up front, $100 in a b-share and 2 months of membership.
  • I can vouch that Eric gets projects done on time and does impeccable work. I've worked with him on a number of things. I feel he would be the best for this since he can take very broad concepts and visualize them in a variety of ways. He plans on working closely with the design committee and HackerSpace members.
  • This proposal falls under the HackerSpace Board's ability to approve spending under $500 however, this should involve the entire space's decision making ability.

We need this now to help promote the space, therefore urgency should be attached to this proposal.