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This is a proposed method of resolving disagreements, not adopted policy

Problem: An amendment is proposed during a meeting, the proposal Lead rejects it.

Here I use Marshall Peck's "friendly/unfriendly" system to frame the proposal Lead's response.

Note: Plurality helps because sometimes before a proposal is refined we have a plurality of options. Breaking them into do or do not can always be done, but it's clumsy. Plurality lets you vote "for" things, and not against them.


  • Lead: I want to buy a thing that is tall to let us do roof maintenance stuff. My proposal is to buy and keep on-premesis a scissor-lift. It will cost $3000
  • Amender: Couldn't we amend that to: a ladder or scaffold? Those are cheaper.
  • Lead: Those are two alternatives, but ladders are rickety and scaffolds are clunky. Unfriendly.
  • Executive Director: The amendments are rejected and noted for later, we will poll for support before closing this agenda. Next comment: Amender2
  • Amender2: We could *make* a scaffold. I've done research on bamboo pole lashing. In southeast asia even skyscrapers use bamboo scaffolds.
  • Lead: Do we actually know how to do that? Unfriendly. That's a huge liability.
  • ED: Alright Amender2, that is outside the scope of this proposal. You will have one minute to advocate your idea later.
  • Amender3: I move we amend this to a maximum cost of $1200. I've seen used models on slapsale for half that.
  • Lead: I am friendly to slapsale. I am unfriendly to $1200 - any model that cheap is crap.
  • Executive Director: To clarify, you are friendly to the amendment of proposal "to be purchased on slapsale"
  • Lead: Oh. No, actually.
  • Executive Director: We are running long on this topic, let's review amendments and poll for support. Lead, are you ready to review or would you like to extend discussion?
  • Lead: Actually it's clear to me we haven't researched this enough. I withdraw my proposal.
  • Executive Director: Proposal withdrawn, do I have a Lead for the revised proposal for next meeting?

Amender2: I'll do it! Actually I'll demonstrate a truss system next week. You can...

  • Executive Director: revised proposal is: "For purposes of roof maintenance, the hackerspace will buy and keep on-premesis a 16' ladder from Harbor Freight at a one-time cost of $200"

  • Amender: I propose an amendment poll: Would a ladder, a scaffold, or scissor lift be best for roof maintenance.
  • Assisty: I second that poll
  • Hands are raised for each option in turn, most votes carries.
  • After amendment the proposal Lead can choose to withdraw the proposal.