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Austin Hispanic Hackers - regular meeting reservation

Austin Hispanic Hackers regular reservation of the classroom for meetups:

Antonio Rodriguez, in his contact email:

"We have a meetup group of 67 members that meets every month. It is called 'Austin Hispanic Hackers'

We ask to be hosted every second Wednesday of the month from 7 to 9PM, in the classroom.

This is our link:

And our description is the following:

"This is a group for software and hardware engineers of Hispanic ethnicity to showcase their knowledge and experience, and to build their professional network. If you're not Hispanic, this is a great place to get to know Austin's Hispanic hacker community! Our meetings feature topics in software and hardware technology presented by Austin's Hispanic hackers. Come meet with us, showcase your accomplishments, learn from each other, and get to know your fellow Hispanic hackers! All skill levels and career stages are welcome."

We think it could be a good opportunity for ATXHS to recruit new members, which is a strategy that techshop currently uses."

Blaine Indemaio - Exclusive use of space for TV pilot

He will be using the area under the double scaffolds (by Big Red). He has offered to credit ATX Hackerspace in his film in exchange for the use. Tim will be present to act as safety supervision

Original proposal:!topic/atxhs-members/O5sw1Al3elw

The proposal as modified by member feedback:

Sunday the 22nd 8:00 am to 12:00 noon Blaine will have exclusive workshop access to ATXHS
  • We will provide a quiet environment with no tool use, fans, HVAC, or background chatter.
  • Per above, effectively, the workshop will be shut down by Tim.
  • 6 non-members present, including Blaine, will be granted access for the duration
  • At noon, exclusive access is over and tool use and noise is permitted, but Blaine can stay to strike his set.

If approved, this blockout use will be noted on all relevant tool calendars and announced with reminders