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ATX Hackerspace Library

The ATX Hackerspace values learning in all forms. For that reason we have created the ATX Library. Members have offered their own books to the space for all other members to use as needed. We only ask that you make use of this resource in the space and do not take books out of the building. Proper use of the loaned books will encurage others to continue to contribute to the space.

If you are interested in loaning your books to the space please contact the Director of Education. ---

Current Book Inventory

This section is in work. Our current library has 78 titles ranging from the subjects of Mathematics to programming to woodworking.

# Title "Aurhor
1 The Handbook of Mechanical Engineering " Staff of Research and Education Association
2 Complete Car Manual " Reader's Digest
3 Applied Humerical Methods with MATLAB Second Edition " Steven C. Chapra
4 Gas Dynamics - Third Edition " James John and Theo Keith
5 Differential Equations and Boundary Balue Problems Fourth Edition " Nagle, Saff, Snider
6 Elementary Numerical Analysis Third Edition " Atkinson, Han
7 How to do your own Wood Finishing " Jackson Hand
8 Introduction to Heat Transfer Fifth Edition " Incropera, DeWitt, Bergman, Lavine
9 Advanced Engineering Mathematics " Alan Jeffrey
10 Excel 2007 Programing " onlc Training Centers
11 Basic and Advanced Router Techniques " Patrick Spielman
12 FE Fundamentals of Engineering Exam second Edition " Masouid Olia
13 Woods and Woodworking " Baker, Yeager
14 The Finite Element Method and Applications in Engineering Using ANSYS " Madernci, Garven
15 The Colossal Book of Mathematics " Martin Gardner
16 Core Java Volume 1 - Fundamentals " Horstmann, Cornell
17 Excel VBA Programming Third Edition "
18 Java 2 from scratch "
19 Cracking the AP Calculus AB & BC Exams " The Princeton Review
20 Mechanics of Materials Sixth Edition "
21 A History of PI " Petr Beckmann
22 Notable Twentieth-Century Scientists Volume 1 A-E " Emily J. McMurray
23 Notable Twentieth-Century Scientists Volume 2 F-K " Emily J. McMurray
24 Notable Twentieth-Century Scientists Volume 3 L-R " Emily J. McMurray
25 Notable Twentieth-Century Scientists Volume 4 S-Z " Emily J. McMurray
26 Discrete Mathematical Structures for Computer Science " Prather
27 The Collapse of Chaos " Cohen, Stewart
28 The Whole Shebang - A State-of-the-Universe(s) Report " Timothy Ferris
29 What is mathematical logic? " Crossley
30 The Essentials of Finite and Discrete Math " Staff of Research and Education Association
31 An Introduction to Game-Theoretic Modeling " Michael Mesterton-Gibbons
32 Linear Algebra and its Applications " Gilbert Strang
33 Discrete Mathematical Structures for Computer Science " Prather
34 Chaos and Fractals " Alligood, Yorke
35 Introduction to Complex Variables and Applications " Churchill
36 The Student Edition of MATLAB " The Math Works Inc.
37 Fractals Everywhere " Michael Barnsley
38 College Algebra " Gary L. Peterson
39 Elements of Modern Mathematics " May
40 Symmetry in Chaos " Field
41 Introductory Linear Algebra with Applications Fourth Edition " Kolman
42 Discrete Mathematics with Applications " Susanna S. EPP
43 Concepts of Modern Mathematics " Ian Stewart
44 Using Multivariable Statistics " Tabachnick