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Thank you for showing interest in ATX Hackerspace. We are a community with a rich and diverse membership ranging from technical professionals to artisans. Our members have worked together to create many interesting projects such as the MAME Cabinet, a fully-functional arcade machine running (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator).

Our space is housed in a 8000+ square foot industrial building. We are equipped with an array of tools and light industrial machines such as a CO2 Laser Cutter, CNC Milling Machine and a MakerBot Replicator (3D printer).

We have events, workshops, and classes such as the Laser Cutter operation and safety class. For more information see our flyer " ATXHS Intro "

Check out our Class lineup Class List and if you don't see a class that you are interested in, please help us help you be taking this Class Interest Survey. We are always looking for new students and instructors.

We would love to see you at one of our weekly Tuesday night Open House events. Here's our Calendar of events and activities. Look forward to seeing you there.


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