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In order of operation: (primary, secondary ... catchalls)

  • Main_Page (Chairman, MoP Lead, Secretary, all board)
  • Events (Secretary, MoP Lead, Ops, Chairman,all board, committee heads)
  • Calendar (Secretary, MoP Lead, Ops, Chairman, all board, committee heads)
  • Agenda_Items (Executive Director, Agenda Leads)
  • Meeting_Notes (Secretary, delegated note-taker)
  • Policies (Secretary, Executive Director, Ops, all board)
  • Class_Policy (Dean, all board)
  • Committees(Ops, committee heads)
  • Projects (Ops, MoP Lead, project Leads)
  • Build-Out (Martin, MV, Matt, should be delegated to Facilities, Ops, Executive Director!)


  • Clarify distinction between member permissions and patron permissions, (MV, Martin)
  • 'member' and 'patron' verbiage on 'policy' pages (MV, Martin)
  • Knowledge Base: Get this fleshed out! (Chad, Chris)
  • Project lists - check for current (Chris, MV)
  • inventory: remove Google doc, explain new system (Martin, Paul)
  • Budget page update for current quarter (Martin)
  • Agenda page needs to be organize/concise - add templates (MV,MP)
  • Agenda page- needs instructions for adding agenda (MP)
  • Agenda page- obsolete items must be removed (MV? MP?)
  • Blog: revive activity? - possibly replaced by announcement list (Ministry of Propaganda)
  • User list on wiki: ping accounts and remove non-responders who have never edited (or made spam posts) (Everyone!)
  • Paul: software defined radio


  • Removed old meetings
  • Corrected signature process
  • Archived inactive committees
  • Removed links referring to Rutherford
  • Added pictures of currents space
  • Removed stale blog link