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Known by my friends, and others as M and ubiquitously around the workshop....

  • One of the early members of [NoiseBridge in San Francisco]
  • Founder of [Austin Hacker Space], and current Director of Finance
  • Involved in the start-up of [TechShop]
  • Created the network and infrastructure that runs /., Freshmeat, Sourceforge
  • Linux Kernel engineer, ARM Cortex A9
  • Steampunk madboy, [Burning Man] Ranger
  • BioChemist, Molecular Biologist, Geneticist
  • Mechanical Engineer, Rapid Prototyping, [MakerBot enthusiast]
  • Welder ( mig, tig, stick ) and Welding Instructor
  • [Amateur Rocketry] enthusiast.
  • Entrepreneur

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