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I like to make things from other things, preferably from things I got free or cheap!

I especially like making fire and sparks and hitting stuff with hammers.

For work I'm a J2EE/Java developer, currently with HP, but after work I like to avoid technology except for surfing the web.

Check out my blog: EverHack

Some of the many projects I've played with or are interested in:

. etching of brass, specifically to create some tank badges for my bobber BMW (see also

. Metal Salt etching of aluminum (no batteries required!)

. Playing with the Cricut!

. I re-implemented a screensaver in Java Galaxy Screensaver

. a robot for the (formerly November) tank challenge, lost interest before getting to the programming part :)

. Here's an article my dad wrote back in 1974 about a conceptual ["healing plate"] he designed and built. I'd really like to try recreating this sometime if I can track down some germicidal or other short-wave UV lamps to play with cheaply.

Update: My dad was interested and sent me his pair of short wave UV bulbs, so I built a light box and used a stencil cut from black cricut vinyl. Unfortunately, even after about 18 hours of exposure just 6 inches away, the "shadow image" was only barely visible in all lighting. The plastic also started to degrade with fine crazing in the plastic. Fail. Media:Example.ogg