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Tools Pending Description

This page is for photos of tools that are pending further description and instructions. Photos from here will be moved (or replaced by better ones) on individual wiki pages for each tool. This page is a start in assembling more operating information on tools owned by or hosted at the space.

Hosted tools with orange stickers have signed hosting agreements, so we are catching up with the orange stickering as time goes by.

Please ask for instruction before using any of the tools below. There are already courses for some of these tools. More courses are in development. If you are knowledgeable about these tools, please contact the dean of education so we can fill out descriptions and usage information. Also please let him know if you would be interested in teaching the use of any tools on this or other pages in the wiki. In some instances, instruction may only be offered by the owner of the tool.

Unconfirmed: Two sanders with no hosting or ATXHS stickers. The one on the left is manufactured as Central Machinery Oscillating Spindle Sander (model number 95088). The one on the right is manufactured by Ridgid (model number EB44242): Two sanders by Ridgid and Central Machinery 600x350.jpg

Ryobi router table (model number A25RT02). Dimensions 32-in. by 16-in. universal router table, a hosted tool: Ryobi router table model A25RT02 600x400.jpg

Ryobi miter saw (model TS1353): Ryobi miter saw model TS1353 600x400.jpg

Central Machinery 6-in bench grinder (model 39797): Bench grinder 6in model 39797 by Central Machinery 600x425.jpg

Stanley base router (model SA47A: Base router mfr Stanley model SA-47A 600x494.jpg