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== Resources ==
== Resources ==
* [[:File:Takang Manual.pdf|The PDF manual for the lathe]].
* http://www.bbssystem.com/manuals/Lathe-Tutorial.pdf
* http://www.bbssystem.com/manuals/Lathe-Tutorial.pdf
* MIT Videos:
* MIT Videos:

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The ATXHackerspace lathe is believed to be a Takang TK-105 17x60 Engine Lathe. It was probably built in the late 1970's and features a 3-jaw chuck and a built-in recirculating coolant system.

Required Certified Operation

See also: Lathe101

Because this is a real industrial machine, and not a toy, the ATXHackerspace membership has decided to require a minimum of demonstrable skill necessary to safely operate and maintain the lathe. This can be done by either taking a operations class or by passing the final proctored examinations. Also due to safety concerns, operators will be required to have close supervision for their first [FIXME: 10?] hours operating the machine. After your probationary period, you may operate the machine while there is a designated "safety buddy" within the main shop area. Lathe time is scheduled on a first-come-first serve basis. Only certified instructors are allowed to operate the lathe alone or without supervision.


  • Quick change Toolpost (BXA-200 series)
  • HSS tooling
  • Carbide tooling
  • Knurling tool


Tooling Wish List

The lathe came with almost no tooling, and what it came with is missing parts. In general there are some things that it *must* have, and other things which are just plain convenient.