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Thank you to everyone who has helped so far! More work needs to be done before we can hand it off to Detex. The board is in the office along with the power supply and programming cable for anyone to test and program. Be sure to save any sketches you load because the board may be reprogrammed by another member during testing.


I plan to deliver the completed gift to Detex in New Braunfels if anyone would like to join me. Actual delivery date TBD.

To Do List

  1. Program
    • We need ideas and programs to display on peggy. I would like to do a slide show with static images, animations and scrolling text if possible. Any ideas, programs and programming tips are welcome.
  2. Enclosure


Doug Pichler - enclosure


To program Peggy, you'll need the latest Arduino Software and Peggy Library (bottom of the list). You need to select "Arduino Duemilanove w/ ATmega328" from the Tools>Boards menu.


Programming tips from EMSL

About the arduino library for Peggy

Links to hack examples and a GUI for programming slides (I tried the GUI a few times but they did not display correctly on the board.)

A picture program, random line drawing program and clock.

Sketches and the library available for download

Awesome scrolling text and other applications.

More sketches and library

Gift recipient