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Board Meeting


Board Members: Kye (ED), Flip (HR), Valerie (Dir Admin), Rob (Treasurer), RD (Dir Ops), Eric (Dir Fac), Drew (Dir Edu)

ATXHS Members: Joe N. ("Kye’s call with Maddie Morgan CoA" and "COVID response team/GoFundMe update - Helping the medical communities"), Jason H. ("COVID response team/GoFundMe update - Helping the medical communities"), Billy ("Current conditions in Austin" and "COVID reopen team update")


  • Current conditions in Austin
    • April 22: 1,263 cases, 28 deaths in Travis County.
    • City order for stay home through May 8, masks in public mandatory; link to official order here.
  • Financial update
    • Amplify update: $48,000 (our account). Rob status on calling Amplify to talk about logins (read-only) and adding others on account?
    • Pioneer Bank update: Kye shared a Google Doc with information
    • Rob: We can open an account with Pioneer Bank and start pointing deposits there and gradually make the transition if Amplify doesn’t want to work with us.
    • Valerie's report: $15,584 in paid member invoices for April, puts us currently slightly above at even for the month. 72 cancellations (46 interested in rejoining), $5,260 lost in member dues. 16 donations totaling $1,405.
  • HVAC contract w/ MTech update
    • Board members given a link to contract to review and link to lease agreement. $1,650 for two visits a year
    • Julie (landlord) mentioned in her response that the service needs to be no less than quarterly. We checked the lease and verified this to be true. Danny has expressed he feels this is unreasonable and should not be followed).
    • RD is checking with another person on whether we could be a cheaper contract with them that will meet the lease agreement without putting us in a bad situation financially. His guy wrote up something, but it’s for twice a year. He has asked him to adjust it to 4 times a year.
    • Drew knows a guy with a HVAC business that could give us a quote.
    • Kye: We should commit to changing our own filters, but we should get someone to clean coils
  • Member updates
    • Has car been removed from property? As of 4/21, no.
    • Did Rob email Meetup website person? They are posting recurring events which are not currently happening. We need to have control to make edits to this account. As of 4/22, no.
  • Kye’s call with Maddie Morgan CoA
    • Kye shared link to write up of the call. Joe was on this call as well.
    • Maddie does circular economy (any waste gets circled back into another industry) work with the city
    • Shared with her ATXHS’s abilities from a manufacturing standpoint (including member abilities)
    • She wanted to connect us with Mina Meen at ACC who is working on N95 substitutes that can be fast tracked through the FDA. It’s not clear whether we could have our ventilators fast tracked through them.
    • They have grant money to help with various aspects and phases of the project if we are using a circular economy.
    • Also talked about business incubation which she was excited to talk about in the future.
    • If we built an injection mold right now, we may be able to find money to pay people for their works and reimburse materials.
    • Joe thought we could do injection mold within a week once we have everything on hand
    • Replastix - (Rob and Alex Botvenko),,,
    • Rob: I think we shouldn’t try to do too much at once and focus efforts more towards one thing at a time so we’re successful. We should definitely pursue any partnership with ACC.
    • RD: Very interested in Replastix as well.
  • Plan for critical maintenance and project updates on member hosted equipment
    • Discussed members with tools hosted at the space both working and non working. Identified Danny as a member with a lot of tools we need status updates and plans on.
    • Kye and Flip will check in with Danny on immediate projects and schedule a meeting to go over all other hosted equipment.
    • Valerie created Google doc with outline of each tool, status, plan, and progress. Shared with board and Danny.
  • COVID reopen team update
    • Eric will send out an email to reconvene this group.
    • RD: When do we think we will be opening back up in some capacity? Consensus seems to be that it will be sometime in May starting with people who use the space for their businesses.
    • Billy: It’s a near certainty people will start saying they’ve been tested in some fashion and should be approved for unrestricted access. Advice: Watch how it goes as other businesses start opening. “I think in a couple weeks we’ll get some more learned lessons and it will be a good time to do a limited capacity opening.”
    • Drew: Fire dept is not changing protocols at all, in fact continually adding more. Some people are saying the surge could have been delayed to June or July with social distancing efforts. Testing people are loving the gowns that ATXHS made and use them every day. Initial shock is over, people are settling into new protocols. Austin Public Health has made it clear that this is not over.
    • Credible resources on how to reopen: [1][2]
  • COVID response team/GoFundMe update - Helping the medical communities
    • GoFundMe page: current: $4,600. No new donations in the past week. Reimbursement has only been about $183.
    • Jason H.: Would be nice to see a public post about how to get reimbursement for materials. Kye agreed to make this post. Valerie will include in next email update as well.
    • Being clear on rules for PPE making as well as enforcement. Discussion around face mask requirement. Eric will add rules in the sign up Google sheet being used for PPE production. Discussed confusion around what work is allowed. Clarified that the board voted to approve PPE production and work directly related to maintaining the space, not personal work. Flip will reach out to relevant members to clarify this confusion.
    • Alleviating burden on Joe - Can Rachel coordinate distribution of PPE? Kye is going to start out with her one on one for coordinating with the sheriff’s office then see if we can transition from there to have her in a coordinator role.
    • Jason H.: It would be really helpful if I could focus exclusively on producing parts, not assembling. I think that’s the case for a number of people. Would help if all the pieces were at ATXHS and a team there was doing assembly. Would also be helpful to have board-driven focus/priorities on what we’re doing and who we’re serving. Making it publicly clear that we are always adjusting where we are sending PPE to adjust to changing needs with some data to back it. Having someone thinking about shipping and being efficient cost wise. Cost: 3d printed: ~$1 Laser/CNC options: <$1
    • Action Items:
    • 1) Give members helping some direction on what they need to be doing. Get enthusiasm for the assembly process. - Eric & Valerie (in email update)
    • 2) Public post in email list and Facebook group on process for members to get reimbursed. - Valerie & Kye
    • 3) Loop Rachel into coordinator role for PPE distribution. - Kye
  • Engaging ATXHS Community from Home
    • Workshop Show & Tell happened Saturday and will be a recurring event every Saturday at 4pm. Same Zoom link for each event.
    • Tuesday 4/28 7pm: Alex Botvenko Maker/Entrepreneur of StencilsLAB Wall Stencils ( He'll be talking about how he became a maker, how he transitioned into a business, how he found his focus, etc.
  • Email update to members
    • Financial update (including number of cancellations, current funds, expenses, etc.)
    • City updates, funnel to COVID group for making PPE, reinforce rules as outlined in sign up sheet
    • NEW: Alex Botvenko Maker/Entrepreneur of StencilsLAB Wall Stencils ( - Tuesday 4/28 7pm
    • REMINDER: Workshop Show & Tell event - Saturdays at 4pm