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Board Meeting


Board Members: Kye (ED), Flip (HR), Valerie (Dir Admin), Rob (Treasurer), Eric (Dir Fac)

ATXHS Members:



  • Scheduled Office Hours - some board members who are at the space more often have found their creative time getting cut short from members using the opportunity to address concerns/needs face to face. If we had scheduled office hour times when members knew they could come to do this, it might help.
    • Most issues can typically be addressed remotely over email and we have someone available during Tuesday tour/orientation time for addressing any key fob issues. Some board members are very available via email, but are not able to set weekly scheduled in office times.
    • We will start by adding office hours for the hour prior to board meetings (6:30-7:30 pm every 2nd and 4th Wednesday) to see how that goes. We will also be adding a new page to the Member Handbook that outlines who to contact for what to aide in email requests being met appropriately.
  • Member Business Directory - a member brought this request to the board and it's something we've had via member wiki pages in the past, however it can quickly become an administrative burden and we've found it does not seem to curtail the number of direct requests we receive requesting references for ATXHS members for specific jobs.
    • We came up with an alternate approach to create a new email list that members looking for/open to work can opt-in to. People in and out of ATXHS can send email requests to this list about the work they want done and current members can reach out to the buyer directly with the info provided. This should hopefully streamline the buyer-seller connection process and prevent buyers wasting time reaching out to sellers based on stale information. More details to come towards the end of March!
  • Follow up on Laser Maintenance Team
    • We're continuing to see slow movement on this team. Flip will be contacting one of the team members with the most restrictive schedule for ~3 potential dates/times for meeting, then send a Doodle to the rest of the group. If you have experience working with laser cutters and are interested in joining this team, please email and let us know you're interested!
  • Addressed bills needing to be paid and discussed needs/workload for Rob leading up to tax season.
    • One thing that will help Rob is if we are able to offload some of his other duties like teaching the Red Laser and 3D printer classes. If you have any interest in teaching these classes, please email to let us know. Teachers keep 90% of their class fees so it's a great way to make money!