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Board Meeting


Board Members: Kye (ED), Flip (HR), Valerie (Dir Admin), Rob (Treasurer), Drew (Dir Edu), RD (Dir Ops), Eric (Dir Fac)

ATXHS Members: Danny

Community: N/A


  • Freshbooks Subscription - Reviewed Freshbooks subscription plan (emailed by Freshbooks); voted unanimously in favor of changing subscription plan to save ~$500 annually in fees.
  • Enforcing animal policy outlined in lease - Our lease clearly states animals are not allowed on the premises; voted unanimously in favor of honoring our lease agreement and enforcing a no animal policy effective 1/31/20. Eric will send email to membership at large and RD will check with out landlord on the fish tank.
  • Verify Handbook implementation at orientation - Yes, we are giving a link to the member handbook to all new members and using it as a reference during orientation. Rob is updating the webpage for joining to include a link to the handbook and checkbox stating it has been read and will be abided. Valerie is reformatting for printed copies to have on hand at the space and for members who want a physical copy.
  • Class calendar - Checked to make sure relevant board members have the appropriate access to edit the calendar. Drew is reaching out to current, past, and future teachers to inform them of changes to class structure. New teacher agreement is 90% class fees to the teacher and 10% to ATXHS. Teachers are now responsible for setting up their class events on whatever platform they choose, collecting money, recording students as trained for the relevant equipment, and paying ATXHS 10% of class fees.
  • Worked to approve and place backlog of orders needed.
  • Member agreements - We want to make our member agreements (extraordinary volunteers, etc.) more formalized. Paula (our attorney) advised at a previous meeting that we should have a legal document drafted for agreements with members. Voted unanimously in spending $500 to have Paula draw up general documents we can use for this and a variety of other common needs.
  • Prebaked replies for member requests/proposals/complaints - Noted that we spend a great deal of time responding to threads in similar ways and may at times be inconsistent in our messaging. To provide clearer communication to membership and allow the board to spend their time on core operational issues, Flip created a set of scripted replies we will use along with guidelines to make clear what capacity the sender is responding in (i.e. individual, representing the entire board, etc.).
  • Executive Sessions

BOARD VOTE: Motion to ask Paula (lawyer) about sending a letter along the lines of these bullet points: {In favor: Flip, Valerie, Eric, Drew, Kye; Opposed: Rob; Abstain: RD}

BOARD VOTE: Motion to consult with CPA and lawyer prior to buyout and guide on understanding: {In favor: Flip, Kye, Valerie, Drew, RD, Eric; Opposed: Rob}

BOARD VOTE: Motion to pay Paula (lawyer) $500 for mix-and-match essential core of agreements we need: {In favor: Flip, Valerie, Kye, RD, Eric, Rob, Drew}