Meeting Notes/20180502

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Member and board meeting:

Rob Ristroph, Martin B., Dan DeFilipe, Iewann, several members


Treasurer ? Other Open Board positions CNC Radial Arm Saw CNC Router Calendar - large reservations

Bigger plan going forward:

 * Agree on floorplan
 * Move scaffolding
 * Woodshop revamp in parallel with . . .
 * Roof pen
 * 3d Laser
 * Wall Build out

Makerfaire this weekend !


With regards to Treasurer: $150/mo for a bookkeeper proposal from Martin -- Marritt bookkeeping, online service

Need proposal to members to hire online bookkeeping, to send to Helios vote.

Amendment -- leave it up to the board to select the exact service, leeway up to $200/mo

CNC Radial Arm Saw: we need space for it, is it ready for a votable proposal or not ? Held off sending an actual proposal out, will review plan with Danny

Discussion on leasing, treasurer, how much money we have and Tormach and Woodshop ReVamp payments, cleaning up top of scaffolding

Another Laser: held up by roof penetration, which is held up by final floorplans, which need to be articulated and voted on


Contact Iewann about volunteering, some planning around rides