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Printer Group - Yama (Absent, deferred)
New bids for walls
Danny Miller
Painting the Stairs Proposed by Evelyn Nelson
Paint the 3 scaffold stairs with chalk paint
Budget: ???
Director of Public Relations
Proposed by Tim Fredlund
Add a new Directorship, Director of Public Relations
Proposed amendment:
Proposed by Martin Bogomolni
Board selects Executive Director from among the serving Directors
Technically how it is in the OA
Floorplan discussion for 306 cleanout
Techshop (Martin or Chad)


note: Gabriell and Marshall Peck removed from B share list

Buildout Proposal

$12,424 - the original bid for a GC being done
We now have three other bids with drywall installers (not GC)
Slick precision builders, $8,464 - may be items missing like the door change on 303
Danny believes that walling up the rollup door entirely is wisest. Does not see convenience of door there.
Original door proposal: 1 1/2’ extra-wide door to access chain for the door.
Alternative: have the insulation bats kiss the door, no air void, just block it out and insulate.
We really need to put insulation above the drop-ceiling, it will cost more to skip the insulation.
In-wall insulation was recommended for acoustic reason
$9,850 Upgrading to R19 in the ceiling and wall bat

Moving the storage items (related discussion)
Option A: We move everything into the main shop
Option B: we shove things out of the way and leave them in the lounge

The duration of workman’s work between these jobs, is only 2-4 days of actual work
Drywaller frames, then leaves.
Electricians fill in the wiring (that’s us) - we need to do that right away.
Then Drywaller returns to do finishing
Q: This may take a week? That depends.
A:We need to be able to tell the contractor the floors are clean by X date

We have already committed to the transfer of material, but exactly how worth discussion.
Worst case: the space may be disrupted for a month.
..Return to ‘new bids for walls’
We looked for a lower quote, we found some. Board will go forward with this.
Are there major concerns here?
q: Danny has come up with a quote, how do we confirm this is worthy?
a: That’s up to Chris and Tim

Extension to next topics - 15 mins

Stair painting

Painting the stairwells with chalk paint: Evelyn Nelson
This chalk-like material will let us decorate and inspire
This could be something fun to work on, it needs to be budgeted, then have a painting party
From experience: chalk paint does not clean off very well, suggest Dry Erase
Alternative proposal: Bathroom strips of
Friendly suggestion: go buy some paint and let’s abuse it. We’ll see how long it lasts. Battletesting
$10 is allocated for this trial, go to town. Further options to be decided.
Discussion of painting the stairs, some difficulty painting pine (well, let’s try it and see)

Director of Public Relations

- Tim Fredlund (deferred)

Yearly Membership & Techshop

TechShop Reciprocity - Martin
If you have a yearly hackerspace membership, you get a yearly techshop membership for 50% off
We don’t have a yearly membership, but thinking is that if we do this you will get a 10% discount
This would be paid on a 1yr contract, and you can have dual membership.
If you have a yearly membership at techshop, you can get 10% discount here off the auto-rate. $45
Techshop $1400 yearly rate, $175 monthly.
Both organizations are considering additional event-based collaboration.
This should assist in staying friendly and cross-pollenating the communities
In short: at the next meeting we have quorum, this proposal is to
Around SXSW they have a big discount - $99, this is slightly better.
The anniversary of the big discounts that were used in the opening, this will continue the deal.
q: is the price of membership locked in?
a: Well, for the year, yes. If we raise rates that doesn’t affect those that already paid
This must pass by a 2/3rds margin
Restrictions: you can’t have a student or ⅓ price deal with the hackerspace.
If you are in bad standing in either organization, the deal will go poof
q: when contract runs out, do they shift to the new rate?
a: yes, that’s the story. Contract period locks in rate, otherwise that’s it.