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April 16th

Two new agenda items:

ReVolt electric vehicle Aaron Choate, Cara Feely-choat and

Propose: allow revolt to

desk in coworking room available shop space some space in the storage area

The vehicle build space will be away from the bay. Anyone working here will be contributing via membership.

ReVolt makes adapters, motormounts, controllers, battery packs, chargers. Installed in vehicles (examples) The proposal is a 911 upgrade. Lead-acid to li-ion Prototyping in paper and cardboard will help.

There will be no engine extraction (prohibited by lease)

Benefits: Tools and information will be shared. Work hard to keep Austin EV community alive Will share videos of the work that will be done.

Co-working desk, storage area, + Cara, Aaron, +(total [$550] incease $400 total)

Marshall Peck, question: How many square feet of storage will be needed? Car and tool chest, sometimes pieces

Estimate: 10' x 12' including the car

Concern: Liability. What if we have other people working in here and potentially damage the car While working on vehicles, are you insured for the vehicle? - or waiver of liability for damage to things done

Will the project be mobile (car dollys) – Request to keep it that way Aaron: That's possible,

Clarification: Project duration may be 2month (there may be disaster that delays this If this is successful there may be many others. Most projects about the same size

Further explanation: We need to use more stuff Shears, bench brakes, metalworker

For the tools that you do bring: Will you be able to lock up, mark/engrave, or otherwise identify your tools? Aaron: Yes, we might make some tools available

Discount for the storage of 10' x 12' - $288 for that price, $200 for 10' x 12' There was some rapid discussion about whether a porche 911 was exactly this size Storage is ~$2.40 Scaffolding for this as a demarcation point: Any problem with that Chad? This would improve the security and the confidentiality

Voting members present: 26 Approved: 26 of 26 approve (greater than: this is a done deal Opposition: 0 of 26

Scaffold hosting

There are five scaffolds all identical

Hosting of 5 large 10x12’ green scaffolds at the space for use as the membership sees fit with the following conditions:

- The scaffolds will be used in a safe manner as determined by the Director of Facilities and myself.

- Scaffolds will not be intentionally damaged/cut/bent or otherwise made unusable for their intended purpose without explicit permission from me. - The Space has the right to request that any number of the scaffolds be removed at anytime. After requesting removal, the Space will give an adequate amount of time (i.e 1-2 months) for me to come up with the resources and manpower to remove them. The Director of Facilities will assist in recruiting help in disassembling and removing the scaffolds from the membership. - I reserve the right to request to remove any number of the scaffolds from the space at anytime. After requesting removal I will give an adequate amount of time (i.e 1-2 months) for use of the scaffolds to end and for them to be disassembled. The Director of Facilities will assist in recruiting help in disassembling and removing the scaffolds from the membership. - I will be allocated a reserved space on the assembled portion of the scaffolds equalling 6% the total assembled deck space to use in a manner consistent with that of the rest of the deck space. For example, if 1 scaffold is assembled and used as storage I will receive 120*.06 = 7.2sqft of storage space on that scaffold (2 --> 240*.06 = 14.2sqft… etc…). Decking for the scaffolds: who can go up there, how reinforced is it? TIM: Two layers of chipboard ~$100 per scaffold will be needed Nail it down: 60 days notice Those in favor: 24 Both items will go out for voting via Helios On the 28th learn to solder workshop We will be burning through our blinkenbats: $1 each. Between 30-60 badges will be consumed. If you would Launchpad class: Collected ~$300, Bluetooth, USB and zigby launchpad class College of lockpicking ~$130 for the single event. Zimmer: Revolutions in scientific thought. Four more will follow. ~1hr of information, possibly watch a movie. Any progress reports on bids Tim: There has been a lot of discussion on it There was a 'plurality' but there was not a majority. Marshall Peck: could you guys just go for it and get a few floorplan bids? Tim:, concern there is that we don't want to overload HPI or contractors.