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General Meeting of the Membership
- 6/7/2011, 7:30PM


We now have a surplus of $800 every month. Consider this amount when discussing future tool purchases, laser cutter rental, repair of Ebo's lathe, shipping Ebo's mill, etc.

Chairman of the Board Resigning

Matt McCabe will be resigning as Chairman of the Board. This is a call for candidates. The election is to be held at the Annual Membership Meeting, 6/18/11. (See our calendar and list of agenda items for details.)

Member at Large Resigning

Jon Kelly will be resigning as Member at Large. This is a call for candidates. The election is to be held at the Annual Membership Meeting (see details above).

Ebo's Lathe

Ebo won a lathe at an auction for $1000. It is in "nearly working" condition, and says he knows how to repair it. What we voted on: "Shall we keep the mill at the space and be responsible for upkeep?" The lathe needs to be torn down, scrubbed and built back up. It will be functional before Ebo leaves on ~August 15th, 2011. The operating cost is large, but it won't be used very often. It is currently in need of adjustment and looks like it was not cared for in the past. Getting it up and running will be several days of work. It came with no tooling. It has a quick-change post, but no holders. Ebo is not asking the space to bear the cost of repairs; he will attempt to cover all major costs himself. The lathe will eventually be returned to Ebo -- most likely after several years -- when he has a workshop appropriate for its storage and use. Vote passed unanimously to keep it in the space at least until Sept. 1st, 2011.

Ebo's Mill

What to vote on: "Whether to fund gas and hauling costs for Ebo's retrieval of the milling machine." $280 in gas is needed, $75-$100 for a Uhaul trailer. He currently has $150 pledged from individual members.

The milling machine is a #16 Van Norman, made in 1951. Ebo tore it down and rebuilt it when he acquired it. Currently it is sitting in storage not being used. His original intent was to turn it into a CNC, and is currently planning to do this before his internship expires in mid-August 2011, but this may or may not happen depending on his budget. (It will take ~$3000 to get it converted properly.) He will attempt to cover all major costs himself. It will still be completely functional even if it is not converted to a CNC. The mill will eventually be returned to Ebo -- most likely after several years -- when he has a workshop appropriate for its storage and use.

Operating the mill poses a non-trivial lethal risk. The following are suggestions by Ebo on how to handle the use of the mill at the space:

  • Operating instructions and a testing strategy should be implemented to make sure members know how to use the machine properly.
  • First uses by individuals will be supervised by a knowledgeable operator.
  • Subsequent uses are to be permitted only with others around in case of an emergency.

We have another couple of weeks before a decision is needed due to inclement weather on the travel route. The vote was tabled until the next weekly membership meeting.

Tools Organization

This is a call for volunteers to help clean up the tools area with shoebox bins and shadow markers for the pegboard, along with any other ideas the volunteers may have. Further discussions on how to do this and the scheduling of a work day will be done off the main email list. If you'd like to participate, email Mandie.

Member Shelves

Three more member shelves will magically appear soon (says Martin) with caster wheels.

Drywalling the Mezzanine

Martin has no time currently to organize a work day. Someone needs to take charge and announce a build day. There is a $300 budget for drywall, we just need someone to take charge. We need someone who has carpentry skills to frame out the door, window, and put in some more studs before drywalling. Marshall's window will probably need to have acryllic adhered on the shop-side of the glass for safety from projectiles. 22 sheets of drywall will be purchased next Tuesday in preparation to get this done already!

Swap Meet Status Update

There is no status update on this yet. A meeting will be coming up.