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Proposed structure Draft v0.3

Interest groups both internal and external bring common pursuits together
Within the hackerspace, they promote and organize a trade, craft, art, science, or event
Many groups claim a part of the space and take responsibility for the organization thereof.

For new members and non-members, Interest Groups are a good way to find friends and peers.
For all members they are a great way to stake out space and build support

All groups should have:

  • A Lead or Leads (ATXHS member reps and organizers)
  • A mailing list (For discussion/contact)
  • Meeting times (at least one a month)
  • A wiki or landing page providing IG information (maintained by the lead)

Examples include: DiY bio, LUG, Electronics, Woodworking, Software, Crafts Fair
See the: Interest Group Template for more

Interest groups may be allocated resources such as:

  • Recurring or long-term use of space
  • Recurring or one-time budgets
  • Hosted Tools and Hackerspace property

Unlike Committees, which are organized by the directorship in order to serve the membership as a whole and execute delegated duties, Interest Groups (AKA Special Interest Groups) are organized by members in order to coordinate and serve their own needs.