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How to Cancel your ATX Hackerspace Membership

While we hate to see a member leave, we understand there are many reasons you may need to cancel your membership. Please follow the directions outlined below to submit a request to cancel your membership. Please note that it may take up to 7 days for your request to be completed, so if you wish to avoid first of the month billing, please plan accordingly. As long as you are in good standing when you leave, you can always renew your membership at any time.

Every month, you should receive an invoice from FreshBooks that looks something like this:

Invoice example.png

Click on the link to go to FreshBooks. On the page, you will see the following link:

Support link.png

Click the Support Link

You will see the following screen:

New ticket.png

Click on New Ticket and submit a ticket requesting that your membership be canceled. This is a tracked, ticket system that ensures that your request will be seen and processed.

Final screen.png

Thats it!