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ATX HackerSpace Pages relating to
the Wiki
ATX Wiki Guide
A simple guide to editing the Wiki
Creating a Wiki account
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ATX HackerSpace Pages relating to
Board members
Mailing Lists, eMail to individuals
IRC, Wiki
Live events, Calendar
Twitter, Facebook, Google group
Announcements Blog
Members' Blogs & Websites
Press and Other Media Coverage
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See Also: Creating a Wiki account

Please edit! The more you add, the better this site looks!

If you need help in editing the wiki, you can find an easy tutorial at A simple guide to editing the Wiki. For more detailed help, refer to the mediawiki documentation.

If you see any evidence of spam notify me: (meawoppl at that google mail service) Wiki's frequently get abused to boost web-rankings of sites we don't want to be affiliated with. We can do more than just ban the user :)


There are many simple templates that create "Navigation Boxes" at the top-right corner of the page that help us to identify and group articles about related subjects (eg. the Laser cutter, or Classes or Committees). If a page falls in one or more of those categories add that tag to the page code like this: {{ClassesNavBox}}.

Some commonly used templates are:

  • {{ClassesNavBox}}
  • {{CommitteeNavBox}}
  • {{CommunicationNavBox}}
  • {{LaserCutterNavBox}}
  • {{HackerspaceNavBox}}
  • {{ArduinoNavBox}}
  • {{CarveWrightNavBox}}
  • {{LatheNavBox}}
  • {{MakerBotNavBox}}
  • {{CricutNavBox}}
  • {{WikiNavBox}}

Sign your discussion pages with the --~~~~ characters. You can do this quickly by pressing the button in the editing menu that looks like a signature.

Thanks for your help and happy editing!